INVESTORS: Go from the sidelines to the owner’s box by investing in your favorite professional athletes. You’ll receive dividends tied to the athlete’s contract income and you can trade your holdings with other sports fans! Now fans can engage directly with their favorite athletes. We’ve taking fantasy sports to the next level by making Sports Investing a Reality for everyone!

ATHLETES: There’s no better way for professional athletes and sports stars to enter a marketplace for potential financing, social impact initiative support, and fan engagement. Fans participate in the athletes’ primary offerings and purchase shares tied to a portion of athletes and teams’ income streams. After the required holding period, the platform will enable real-time trading of the athletes’ shares to all eligible fans 18 or over on a regulated marketplace. Fans continue to engage with athletes and trade shares tied to the players’ athletic performance. Experience unique fan engagement opportunities for shareholders, including exclusive messages, videos, and other content directly from the athletes.

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